Free Ableton Pack 008 - Plastic Baby Legs

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**Requires Ableton 11 or above**

Free Live Pack 008

Samples of Dave's weird Percussion ... his plastic baby leg shaker!

The shaker is comprised of lots of different plastic dolls legs sewn into one larger dolls legs. It sounds really weird :)
I have recorded the legs and then turned them into a Ableton Drum kit.

The samples are included in the project as well as an Ableton Instrument rack with added effects.

Why would I want that?

Create some unusual percussive elements! You can picth done the samples for some stranger sound design :)

Ableton Racks x1

1 x Free Ableton Drum Kit

Sample Folder containing

10x One shot samples

5 x Loops.

The download file contains a free Ableton Live pack which includes the one shots and one loop.

How Do I use it?

Simply install the pack by double clicking on it.


Enjoy :)

Alternatively, you can follow my guide here: How to install my Ableton Packs.

More Free Stuff on my website.

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Free Ableton Pack 008 - Plastic Baby Legs

0 ratings
I want this!