Free Ableton Pack 009 - Metals

The Velvet Shadow
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Free Live Pack 009

A free Ableton pack including two Ableton instruments: Water Metals & Water Metals II

The instruments are made from recordings of various sized peices of metal, performed & recorded in percussionist Dave Insua Cao's studio. The various hits & scrapes have been used to create two Ableton instruments called 'Water Metals'.

Both instruments come in an Ableton Instrument Rack with added effects for you to sculpt your sound.

Why would I want that?

Make some unusual sounding percussion & pad elements!

In the Download:

Samples of various sized metals, hit, struck and scraped.

The samples are included in the project as well as an Ableton rack with added effects.

1 x Ableton Pack (2 x Instrument Racks Inside)

2 x Sample Folders containing one shots

How Do I use it?

Simply install the pack by double clicking on it / dragging into Abelton.


Enjoy :)

Alternatively, you can follow my guide here: How to install my Ableton Packs.

More Free Stuff on my website.

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Free Ableton Pack 009 - Metals

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