Free Ableton Pack 013 - Indigo Jung's Organic Grooves & Log Bass

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**Requires Ableton 11 or above**

A free Afrobeat / Amapiano Ableton pack made by electronic music producer Indigo Jung.

I've asked some of my talented producer friends to make free Ableton packs that give us a flavor of their sound, including some of their secret weapons. Indigo Jung is the first in the series! He's a talented chap, boasting multiple collaborations and releases, whilst also running the Overrhythm record label with Aryton Hood.

Indigo Jung is based in Manchester, UK and has released under Sprechen Music, Fresh Takes, and their residency label, Over Rhythm. Jung has appeared on HATE mag, Verzilla, Maslow Unknown, and many more electronic publishers. Jung has made frequent collaborations with Ayrton Hood as part of the Business Unusual trio as well as many other artists in Manchester’s dance scene, such as Drowzee, Sam Goes to Tokyo, Sam Nizzle & Chris Massey.

His productions range from Tech House, and Techno to Afrobeat & Amapiano. Whatever the genre, I always find his productions to have loads of silky groove and emotion. Indigo has very kindly captured some of that style in this free Ableton Pack. He's made us an Afrobeat drum rack, a Log bass Ableton instrument, and a bunch of free percussion samples.

You can check out Indigo Jung's music here, and his record label here.

I also got a chance to sit down with Indigo and have a chat about the Ableton pack and his latest project... you can read that Interview below on the website.

Meanwhile... the pack:

Organic Grooves & Log Bass Ableton Pack

Download via Gumroad

The pack includes an Afrobeat percussion drum rack, including the percussion samples.

Organic Grooves Drum Rack

For those wanting to add a little bit of organic afro flavor, here is an Ableton Drum Rack of some of Indigo Jung's most delicate pieces of afro-cuban and pseudo acoustic percussion. (As well as a bonus collection of sound design samples from PS2 games and 90s TV Commercials).

In the download, Indigo has provided an Ableton project file that shows you an example beat made using the drum rack.

Log Bass Ableton Instrument

The pack includes the renowned Amapiano Log Bass with some custom controls to take the log bass out of South Africa and over to Berlin with control of effects and additive operators to play around with.

Why would I want that?

To add some tasty afro beat percussion and log bass to your productions!

In the Ableton Download:

  • Indigo Jungs Organic Grooves - Ableton Drum Rack
  • Jung's Log Bass - Ableton Instrument
  • 67 x Percussion Samples
  • 79 x Sci Fi & Playstation Samples
  • Ableton Project File containing example beats.

How Do I use it?

Simply install the pack by double-clicking on it / dragging it into Ableton.


Enjoy :)

Alternatively, you can follow my guide here: How to install my Ableton Packs.

My Free Stuff page contains more free Ableton packs, plugins, and templates.

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Free Ableton Pack 013 - Indigo Jung's Organic Grooves & Log Bass

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