Free Ableton Pack 014 - Prophet Rev Taped Synth

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**Requires Ableton 11 or above**

A free Ableton pack made from Prophet Rev 2 Analog Synth samples.

This is a taster pack of the premium version 🙂

The pack contains 3 Synth Patches recorded from the Prophet Rev 2 and turned into Ableton Instrument Racks. Each Rack has additional effects and controls to help you shape your sounds.

The rack also features a tape layer – the sounds of the Prophet recorded to old cassette tape. Each patch was recorded to tape to give the synth an even warmer, nostalgic character. The tape channel has been mapped to an Ableton Rack, so you can blend it to the original audio signal or use it separately.

You can find out more about the Premium Prophet Rev 2 Ableton Pack here.

Why would I want that?

To add some beautifully warm, analog synths to your productions.

In the Download:

Samples of Prophet Rev Synth.

3 x Ableton Instruments as an Ableton Instrument .adg.
Patches: Cat Chorus, Bronze Harvest & Maj 7 Stab

5 x MIDI Files

Ableton Project File

How Do I use it?

Simply install the pack by double clicking on it / dragging into Ableton.

Or you can open the project and drag and drop the instrument racks to youor chosen location.


Enjoy :)

Alternatively, you can follow my guide here: How to install my Ableton Packs.

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I want this!
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Free Ableton Pack 014 - Prophet Rev Taped Synth

0 ratings
I want this!