Free Ableton Live Pack 003: Wet Dry Knob

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Free Ableton Live Pack 003: Wet Dry Knob

The Velvet Shadow
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Free Live Pack 003

The Wet / Dry knob is a simple effect rack for Ableton.

It will allow you to create a Wet / Dry control knob for ANY VST plugin or internal effect.

Why would I want that?

Some VST plugins do not have a wet/ dry control. So using this effect rack you can drop any plugin into the rack and get control over how much of the effect signal you want.

Ableton Racks x1

1 x Free Ableton Effect Rack

The download file contains a free Ableton Live pack effect rack.

How Do I use it?

Simply drop the rack onto the channel you want to use it on.

Put the device you want to control the wet / dry signal of into the WET chain.


Now adjust the wet dry / knob to taste!

I want this!

Free Ableton Pack Effect Rack

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